Stone Cellars: Family Owned Vineyards

Our Wines

Chardonnay Image

The Stone Cellars Chardonnay offers tropical aromas of pineapple, guava and mango. These aromas balance well with creamy flavors of carmelized sugar and crème brulee.

Pinot Noir Image

The Stone Cellars Pinot Noir opens with fruit forward aromas like cherry and black currant, intermingling with leather smoky flavors ultimately leading to a long, smooth finish.

Cuvee Brút Image

Notable are the fresh, fruit flavors of apple, kiwi, and pineapple. The natural fermentation that produces the fine bubble also impart a pleasant toasty, pastry quality to the sparkling wine.

Sauvignon Blanc Image

With grapefruit and lemongrass on the nose, the Stone Cellars Sauvignon Blanc carries added flavors of melon and slight oak through to a crisp lengthy finish.

Merlot Image

The fruit in this wine is concentrated but wonderfully balanced and absolutely delicious. It presents itself in the initial aromas, full of ripe cherry and black stone fruit in the nose.

Riesling Image

The Stone Cellars Riesling is crisp and medium sweet. Aromas of melon and meyer lemon combine with well balanced acidity to yield a delightful wine.

Rosé Image

On the nose, the Stone Cellars Rosé combines aromas of watermelon, berry fruits, and slight minerality. Coupled with a very dry palate, the minerality leads to a crisp finish.